Meet Todd Parten...
Todd Parten first moved to the Valley in 1979 from Washington state.  Now, he and his wife and their two young daughters reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Todd received his Arts Management degree, as well as a Masters in Education from Northern Arizona University.  Todd enjoys teaching ceramics at a Valley high school.  However, his home studio is the creative environment where he likes to relax and create his distinctive works of art.  When Todd is not on the potter’s wheel or at the kiln, he can be found enjoying time with family and friends. 

Each piece of art is always unique - either hand-formed or thrown on the wheel.  When making the custom Soul Prints pendants, designed with hair, an element of surprise is always added to the artwork.  Even the artist never knows exactly how the completed piece will look, making the process challenging and thrilling.  

The intricate design of the carbon imprint on the pendant created by the hair can never be duplicated, making each pendant a “one of a kind” piece of artwork.  All hair burns differently, therefore we cannot “guarantee” the look.  The lines can be thick or thin, twisted or straighter.  Also, the hair can burn smokey, leaving the background darker or it can burn clean which will leave the porcelain lighter.
Soul Prints
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